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The rain in Milan, the runs in the underground for not taking the hail and the low temperature didn’t allow me to take pictures directly to the Camp. Yes, because finally after three days I can show you the look that I chose for my second day at Fashion Camp! Everything starts from the idea to create a look very ’70s. A polka dot dress (which I particularly like, as you have seen here) and my long scarf to wear as an accessory / necklace or as a belt to change the shape of the dress. At the foot my new leather ballerina signed “La Scarpetta di Venere”. Alice, the creator has put together for me too bracelets and accessories in a nautical style that can be put on and off at will. Nice idea that allows you to make more and different “the usual blue plimsolls.” To continue the theme of the sea and taken to Milan a piece of my “Adriatic sea” I choose the bag of Elisabetta Cosmo patiently woven by hand, with starfish and fish according to the shoes. Blue, red and white to confirme everything.

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